Scam Call 02045996818: How to Avoid a Scam Call

Mobile phones have become an integral part of everyone’s life: email, bank accounts, and other confidential data are linked to them, making them one of the prime targets for attackers. Knowing only a phone number, fraudsters often manage to force a victim to compromise their device themselves or transfer confidential information into the wrong hands. Some types of fraud are not easy to spot, so you need to be on the lookout for new schemes. In this context, discount offer scam calls from the 02045996818 number have become very common in UK these days. Here we will explore types of scams and how to avoid being scammed on the phone especially current discount offer scam call from 02045996818 in United Kingdom.

Types of Telephone Scams

Our internet sleuths explore the internet and shortlist six main types of telephone scams. The most popular scheme is a “fake” message about a relative who is in trouble.

Discount Offer

Be wary of the “Discount Offer Call”, a prevalent tactic where fraudsters reach out via phone, claiming to offer exclusive discounts or promotions. These deceptive calls often aim to trick individuals into revealing personal information, such as credit card details or login credentials. Scammers may impersonate reputable companies to lend an air of legitimacy.

Hey guys in the UK, watch out for the “Discount Offer Call 02045996818” scam! People are getting tricked by fake calls that promise amazing discounts. The number 02045996818 is linked to several reported scams, so be extra cautious. Scammers often pretend to be from reputable companies to sound legit. Don’t fall for it! When you get unsolicited discount offers over the phone, be skeptical and avoid sharing personal info. Always double-check the legitimacy of these calls independently. Stay sharp and report anything fishy to the authorities. Let’s protect ourselves from these sneaky scams!

Relative in Trouble

The attacker may introduce himself to the potential victim as an acquaintance, friend, or simply a random witness. After reporting that one of the interlocutor’s relatives was involved in an accident or committed this or that offense, the criminal hands over the phone, supposedly to a law enforcement representative, who confirms the incident. After pressure and intimidation, the imaginary representative of the authorities offers to resolve the issue for a certain amount of money. In this case, the money will need to be transferred to a third party or brought to a special place.

Winning the Lottery

Fraudsters can also call numbers from their collected database, posing as radio station presenters, and report winning a prize. Criminals often pose as representatives of a mobile operator. They say on the phone that they have held a lottery among listeners of the radio station or among users of one or another mobile operator, and they call to congratulate you on your win.

Then the winner is asked to call back on one or another number, he is congratulated again, and all the details are explained. To receive a prize, the winner must first pay a deposit of a certain amount, which, according to the criminals, will be returned on the day the prizes are awarded. However, after the money is transferred, the scammer disappears.

Room Robber

The 4th most popular type of fraud is phone number burglar when a person receives an SMS message on their phone asking them to call back. The request can be justified for any reason – helping a friend, changing communication tariffs, problems with communication, or with a bank card. After the victim calls back, she is kept on hold, during which time large sums are debited from her account.

Bank Employee

Sometimes scammers pose as employees of the bank whose services the victim uses. She is told that they are calling to confirm her identity because suspicious activity has been noticed with her card account. The bank “employee” asks you to dictate again the phone number associated with the card, as well as the card number and CVV code. This is how attackers gain access to bank client funds.

Transfer of Funds by Mistake

This fraudulent scheme involves sending a message to the mobile operator’s client that funds have been credited to the card. The criminals then send an SMS asking for the money to be returned to a specific number or card because the funds were credited by mistake. Cases, when funds are mistakenly transferred to another number, are common, but if the account of the person who received the message was not replenished in the bank account after receiving the message about the transfer, then this is fraud.

How to Avoid Being Scammed on The Phone

  • To avoid becoming a victim of scammers, you should not accept calls from unfamiliar and hidden numbers. You can install an application on your phone that searches for the owner of the number on the Internet.
  • If you do receive a call that looks like a scam, you can stall for time and make the attacker nervous – say that you are looking for a card and hang on the phone for ten to fifteen minutes. Or end the conversation with the phrase “yes, I was the one who withdrew the money, everything is fine!” If the criminal realizes that the victim suspects something, he will simply stop talking and continue calling others.
  • If you receive a message or call about an incident with a relative, acquaintance or friend in trouble, you should try to contact him through instant messengers or call him. If a person does not respond to messages and calls, then you need to check how long ago he was on social networks, and also contact the people who communicate with him most often or who may be nearby.
  • You can recognize the scammers’ phone number by the fact that it is too suspicious and is not included in the phone contacts. After congratulating you on winning the lottery or winning a prize, you need to contact the company on behalf of which they were represented after a call: they will tell you whether any promotion was carried out on behalf of the company or not.
  • If the fraud was carried out using an SMS to a phone or a call like calls from 02045996818 number, then it is possible to “punch” the phone in a Often, previous victims of scammers write reviews of the numbers they suffered as a result of contact. You can check your phone for fraud as soon as you have free access to the Internet. 

Special Note

Do not provide your real phone number or pay with your main card on little-known sites. Don’t panic if they write to you about blocking your account. Call the bank using the number on the website or the card. If you forget your card in a public place, block it.

What to Do If You Find Yourself a Victim of Telephone Fraud

If, nevertheless, the data or money ends up in the hands of fraudsters, it is necessary to contact law enforcement agencies and file a statement with the police department or prosecutor’s office. It must be drawn up by the victim or his legal representative (in this case, you will have to submit a document that will contain all the information about when and under what circumstances, as well as on what basis the authority to submit the application was delegated). Such a statement must indicate when the crime was committed, who exactly committed it, and under what circumstances.

Along with the application, you must provide evidence, as well as identify all witnesses. To do this, you should not initially delete messages and contacts of scammers. 

In addition, if the applicant is sure that he is not the only victim of the actions of specific attackers, it is also necessary to indicate who else may suffer (or indicate that the circle of victims may be wide or completely unlimited).

Telephone scams are considered a crime and fall under the 2003 Regulations (UK). Law enforcement officials who received the application must conduct an investigation within ten days and make a decision to initiate a criminal case. If a case has been initiated, the person who committed the fraud has been identified, all investigative actions have been carried out, and the materials are submitted to the court, where the applicant must confirm all the information contained in the application in order to defend his position.

You can directly go to court with a statement of claim to hold you accountable for fraud only if other law enforcement agencies refuse to accept the application for consideration or to initiate a criminal case without finding corpus delicti in the application.


Staying vigilant against scams is paramount in safeguarding personal information and financial security. Whether it’s the deceptive “Discount Offer Call 02045996818” or any other potential fraud, individuals must exercise caution and skepticism when receiving unsolicited offers. Verifying the legitimacy of such calls through official channels is crucial, and sharing sensitive information should be avoided. By remaining informed, reporting suspicious activities promptly, and fostering a culture of awareness, we collectively contribute to thwarting the efforts of scammers. It’s a shared responsibility to create a safer digital environment, and with awareness and diligence, we can fortify ourselves against the ever-evolving landscape of fraudulent schemes.

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