Auracle: World of Crystals Reviews – A Closer Look at Customer Feedback

Auracle World of Crystals, a shop known for its extensive selection of crystals, gemstones, and metaphysical items, has garnered significant attention in the crystal enthusiast community. While some customers praise the store for its variety and knowledgeable staff, a substantial number of reviews, particularly on platforms like Yelp, paint a less favorable picture. This article aims to provide a comprehensive view based on customer feedback, particularly focusing on negative reviews to highlight areas of concern.

Common Themes in Negative Reviews

Rude Behavior

One of the most frequent complaints revolves around the owner’s demeanor. Multiple reviewers describe interactions where they felt pressured to buy items or were treated rudely. Customers have recounted experiences where the owner was dismissive or aggressive, making them feel uncomfortable during their visit. For instance, one Yelp reviewer mentioned, “The owner was really pushy and kept trying to sell me crystals I didn’t need, which made me feel like she was just trying to make a sale. Here are some negative reviews related to rude behavior:

Breanna P. – Mar 18, 2024

I really wanted to disregard the reviews, but the owner is actually so rude. The vibe she gives is negative, and the fact that these are crystals she’s trying to sell us? That’s unfortunate because she should know that the energy you give, can be placed in the crystals she sells. I’m so glad I didn’t bother to purchase anything. You need to protect your energy, everyone!!

Emily N. – Mar 14, 2024

Terrible, I bought a crystal, it didnt work for my healing. I wanted to return it and the manager Tara was SO extremely rude. She told me thats my problem and they dont do refunds. Never shop here i spent $300 on it.

Jorge L. – Mar 6, 2024

Horrible service, for a person who sells crystals, the owner has the worst energy in the store

Unprofessional Conduct

Several reviews highlight unprofessional behavior from the owner, including dismissive attitudes toward customer inquiries and a lack of basic customer service etiquette. Reports of the owner harassing customers who left negative reviews online further exacerbate these concerns. A review noted, “As another small crystal business owner, I found the towers way overpriced and the owner’s behavior unprofessional. Here are some negative reviews related to unprofessional conduct:

Brent G. – Feb 5, 2024

Visited family down there. Decided to go since my wife likes crystals. As I was parking had someone pull in like it was a race and cuss me out. When I parked and went in I saw her. Told her that was really immature. And she decided to say she would call the po po as her daddy is one. Lesson learned. Bad energy in that store.

Ashley M. – Feb 16, 2024

The owner gives very bad vibes. Don’t want that around my crystals. Also why are reviews being deleted? Very rude customer service and negativity to the community.

Customer Service Issues

Shipping problems and mishandling of online orders are also common grievances. Some customers have experienced delays and issues with their orders not being fulfilled correctly, which were poorly addressed by the store’s customer service. This has led to frustration among those who chose to shop online rather than in-store​​. Here are some negative reviews related to customer service issues:

Dan R. – Mar 7, 2024

not rocks weren’t “pretty”….and were ugly on the inside….would not recommend. Seemed to lack class.

Chris W. – Jan 24, 2024

Very poor service. lady working at the front desk who I am assuming is the owner was very nasty to other customers as well, beware.

Serious Allegations

Beyond general customer service complaints, Auracle World of Crystals has faced more serious allegations. There have been reports of the owner making unproven health claims about the healing properties of crystals, which have drawn the attention of truth-in-advertising organizations. Additionally, a lawsuit filed in 2022 alleged that a customer was injured due to advice from the owner to use crystals instead of seeking medical treatment​ ​.

Balancing the Reviews

While negative reviews are prominent, it’s important to note that not all feedback is unfavorable. Some customers appreciate the wide selection of crystals and the owner’s knowledge. Positive reviews often highlight the helpfulness in selecting the right crystals and the quality of the products received. However, the recurrent negative themes cannot be overlooked and suggest areas where the store could improve significantly​​. Here are some positive reviews:

Gabriel M. – Mar 22, 2024

DISREGARD THE NEGATIVE REVIEWS! I was the owners very first customer at her new location. She is an incredibly sweet and loving person. Months later I was down on my luck and I tried to resell her a bunch of crystals I owned. Instead of buying them, she just gave me money and wished me blessings. I believe all these negative reviews are from one person creating multiple profiles.

Dominique B. – Apr 1, 2023

Super cool rock shop! Great prices! Very organized. Explanations on all the rock types for people getting in to rocks! Tara was a super friendly and very personable!

Laurie C. – Feb 18, 2023

Love this store. When you walk in folks let you be and browse, but they’re also friendly and helpful if you have questions. Gorgeous selection of pretty much any crystals you could want, in a wide range and of styles.

Due to increased public attention Yelp temporarily disabled the posting of content to this review page.

World of Crystals Reviews


Auracle World of Crystals offers a diverse array of crystals and metaphysical products that appeal to many in the crystal healing community. However, the negative reviews, especially those focusing on the owner’s behavior and customer service issues, present a significant concern. Potential customers are advised to weigh these factors carefully and consider both the positive and negative feedback before deciding to shop at Auracle World of Crystals.

Auracle World of Crystals 1

For those interested in visiting, it may be beneficial to visit in person to gauge the atmosphere and customer service firsthand. Online shoppers should be prepared for potential shipping issues and manage their expectations accordingly.

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